English Bulldog Names
Why are Scandinavian names such sweet name for English Bulldogs? No one knows for sure, but they work for both male and female bulldog puppies.
Behold the mighty Thor!
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Scandinavian Bulldog Names
Names for male bulldogs:
Ingrid is such a pretty gal
In the original folktale, a bulldog ate Hansel.  I like that version better.
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Heidi - the hills are alive...with the sound of bulldogs...

​​Ingrid - great bulldog name.



Helga - many bulldogs just look like a Helga, don't they?
Names for female bulldogs:
Thor - behold the mighty Thor! Odin was sent in by a reader.

Gunnar - Gunnar is not one to trifle with.


Knute - you can pronounce the "K" or not. Your choice.

Magnus - when you think your dog might secretly be an evil mastermind.
Olga - don't forget Olga!

Erika - simple, Nordic, funny. Great female bulldog puppy name someone sent in.

Hansel and Gretel - this would be a cute name for a male/female bulldog combo.

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