English Bulldog Names
For reasons that need not be explained, nerdy and feminine names are always great choices for bulldog puppy names, both male and female.
Milhouse - good Simpsons reference, too.

Schlomo - fantastic bulldog name.  



Farnsworth - (user submitted)
Irving shows his sensitive side to the camera
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Nerdy (Male) and Delicate (Female) Names
Names for male bulldogs:
Penelope - so dainty and petite.

Beatrice - "Bea" for short.



Buttercup - cute as a button.

Penelope likes to eat bugs
Names for female bulldogs:
Bella - someone sent this name in, means "beautiful name" in Italian. Warning though - this may be popular.

Simone - this is such a funny name for a girl bulldog!  

Little Bo Peep - "Bo" for short.

Mimi - love this bulldog name.  Thanks to whoever sent it in.

Petunia - perfect!
Mimi wants to know what you were thinking
Simone is into French poetry and drooling
Schlomo grabs a nap
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