English Bulldog Names
Maybe it's the intimidating presence. Maybe it's because bulldogs are jowly and usually overweight, just like the cast of the Sopranos.  Whatever the reason, Mafia sounding names make great names for male bulldog puppies.
Bruno - awesome tough guy name for a bulldog.  User submitted.


You talkin' to me?
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Mafia Bulldog Names
Names for male bulldogs:
Carlo - after Carlo Gambino.

Frankie - love this name for a bulldog, also has that "average guy" sound.

Guido - no offense!

Sausage and Peppers - this name for a pair of bulldogs is also on the bulldog food names page, but it has good Italian connotations

X the Y - give your bulldog a Mafia nickname, usually paired with a "regular guy" name.  Examples would be Vinnie The ChinDonnie Drools, etc.

Guiseppe - can be "Gus" for short.
Nonna Celeste is from the old country
Bulldogs are straightforward, no nonsense types
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There aren't a lot of good, straight up Mafia names for female bulldog puppies.  But you can do well by using Italian food names.
Names for female bulldogs:
Cappicola - as pronounced gab-a-gool

Mootsarell - also found on the food names page.

​​Canol​i - very cute bulldog name.

Sfogliatelle - your veterinarian will have fun writing this up on all your bulldog's prescriptions
Tony Soprano had some bulldog qualities