English Bulldog Names
Heavy industrial equipment names reflect the dogged power of the bulldog breed. Many of these names seem more appropriate for male bulldogs. These  names must have struck a chord with our users because we have received some great submissions from bulldog owners.
Hammer - you can also add the prefix "The", as in "The Hammer".

Sledgehammer - "Sledge" for short.  

Anvil - walking a bulldog is like walking an anvil.

Tank - one person submitted "Tanks Alot" as the full name. Someone else had Tanker.

Don't hurt 'em, Hammer!
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Heavy Industrial Equipment Names
Names for male bulldogs:
Howitzer - beware the fury of Howitzer. Can be "Howie" for short.

Skillet - a great under the radar bulldog name.

Dozer - short for Bulldozer (user submitted).

Lugnut - love this submission!

Brick - picking up a bulldog is like carrying a load of bricks in a sack.

Diesel - popular submission, as is Axle.
Anvil, Howitzer, or Skillet?
Mack - someone submitted this too, obviously short for Mack Trucks.




Torque - bulldogs sure have it. If you've ever walked a bulldog, you know what I mean.

Sub-Zero - I don't get it but whatever.
The Mack Trucks logo is a bulldog
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