English Bulldog Names
Food names and bulldogs seem to be a perfect fit, and are very popular.  Most of these names are suitable for both a male and a female bulldog.
Biscuits and Gravy?  Or Sausage and Peppers?
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Food Related Bulldog Names
Names for bulldogs:
Meatloaf - stays in the popular "meat" theme.

Muffin (or McMuffin) - best for a female bulldog.  Someone also sent in Big Mac. Good combo name for a pair of bulldogs, Big Mac and McMuffin.

Porkchop - cute name.


Milk Dud - someone sent this in.
Sit, Porkchop, sit!  Good dog.
Mozzarella balls look like the rear end of a bulldog
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Tater tots and bulldogs share a common shape
Tater - someone submitted this.  Fantastic bulldog puppy name. The submitter also added "because they are short and square".

Pot Roast - another one sent in. But what do you call him for short? Answer given: Potty.
Hoagie - note the resemblance!

Meatball - Adam Sandler's famous bulldog was named Meatball.  RIP buddy!  Can also be called Meaty for short.

Matzaball (Matzoball) - Adam's other bulldog.

Biscuits and Gravy - perfect name for a pair of bulldogs.
Cannoli - bulldogs are sweet, and also share the same body shape. Cannolis can also look like what they like to leave on the rug.

Marshmallow - best for a female dog.

Cupcake - also best for a female.

Puddin - very, very cute bulldog name for a female someone sent in.

Mootsarell - good name for the Italian owner.
Arugala - good because this is also the sound bulldogs make when ralphing.  Sent in.

Nacho - probably a better name for a Chihuahua than a bulldog, but that's what makes it funny.

Lunchbox - love it, thanks for submitting!

Honeybun - how could you ever get mad at a dog named Honeybun?

Pickles - gonna buy another bulldog just so I can name her Pickles.
A lunch box with a bulldog on it.  That bulldog's name is Lunchbox.
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