English Bulldog Names
Classic bulldog names reflect both the homeland of the breed - England - and the character of the dog - stodgy and dignified. These names should carry a sense of class. This can sometimes be ironic because, as any English Bulldog owner will tell you, they sure don't always act that way.
Sir Winston Churchill with a bulldog who also should have been named Sir Winston
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Great Classic Bulldog Names
Names for male bulldogs:
Sir (Insert Name) - any old name sounds more English Bulldoggy if you put the word "Sir" in front of it.  Sir JakeSir RemingtonSir Raul, whatever.  You can also do the same with titles like Lord (Insert Name)King (Insert Name); you get the idea.

Angus - not really English, but someone submitted this great name.

Barkley - dogs bark...get it?  Adding -ley to something always makes it sound more British anyway.

'Ello, Guvnor!
Sir Charles Barkley is ready for his morning scones
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Lady Di is not amused
Lady (Insert Name) - just like with "Sir" for male bulldogs, female bulldogs can be named Lady DianaLady JaneLady BettyLady Kate, etc.

Margaret - in honor of Margaret Thatcher, the first female Prime Minister of the U.K. Also, you can call her Maggie for short.

Gertrude - such a fit. Gertie too.

Names for female bulldogs:
Winston - after Sir Winston Churchill.  A truly classic name.

Thurston - remember Thurston Howell from Gilligan's Island?

Bentley - a very English name with the added cachet of the expensive car.


Henry - a very royal English name.
Humphrey - bulldogs do love to hump.


Arthur - good because you can call him "Artie".

Oxford - a good submission, can be Ox for short.



Other names include BaxterBelvedereBensonBrewsterArchieMalcolmSpencer, and OnslowOnslow is great if you were a fan of the BBC's "Keeping Up Appearances". Thanks to everyone that sent these in!
Lovey would like to cordially introduce herself to your leg
Lovey - how cute yet English can you be at the same time?



Audrey - a classic, classy name for a classy gal bulldog.

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