English Bulldog Names
Many people love using celebrity names for their bulldog. Much like celebrities, bulldogs are admired, approached and photographed while out in public. Something about them just draws attention.
McLovin - consider naming your bulldog McLovin.  One reader submitted McNaughty, which mixes it up a bit.


Buckwheat - a bulldog name that needs no selling.

Spanky - another Little Rascals bulldog name. Other names include Alfalfa and Stymie.
Buckwheat is an "A O-tay" name for a bulldog
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Celebrity Bulldog Names
Names for male bulldogs:
Bogart - after classic actor Humphrey Bogart.

Bo and Luke - suitable for a pair of male bulldogs.

Kobe - for Laker fans.

Shaq - why is naming a bulldog Shaq so incredibly funny?

Ozzy - after Ozzy Osbourne.  Your bulldog will be so heavy only the devil can lift him.

Stewie or Cartman
Ozzy drools.  Bulldogs drool.  Makes sense!
Stay, Leia - stay.
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RIP Bianca, Howard Stern's bulldog

Bianca - from Bianca Jagger, the old supermodel. Howard Stern's bulldog was named Bianca.

Shanaynay - from the old "In Living Color" sketches.  Can also be spelled Shanene.
Angelina - after Angelina Jolie.

Leia - from Princess Leia.

Bo - Bo Derek

Farrah - tribute to Farrah Faucett.

Beyonce - top ten bulldog name.

Snooki - old but still funny.
Names for female bulldogs:
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