This is the type of dog that should be named Bailey.  NOT a bulldog!
English Bulldog Names
Here are some perfect bulldog names that our visitors submitted via the entry form on the top right hand corner of the page.  You call can definitely come up with some great ones!
Titus - powerful, classic, dignified.  Just like the Roman Emperor Titus.  Keeping with the Roman theme, people also submitted DominusMaximus, and Atticus.

Otis - Otis is a good old boy from the South.  

Bender - From the TV show Futurama.  Bender burps, can be rude, and gets what he wants.  Sound like any dogs you know?

Diesel - industrial machinery theme again
Titus had that bulldog neck
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Bulldog Names You Submitted
Names for male bulldogs:
Baxter - a very English name; maybe not classic but close enough!

Buddha - check out the bulldog and Buddha side by side below.  Need we say more?
Sumo - no need to comment on the resemblance. Both can be immovable objects when they want to be. Someone went a step further with Takanohana, the sumo wrestler who's name means "little flower" - Taka for short.
Duchess tried using blush but it got all in her folds
Who is more immovable?  
Answer: a bulldog
Consider naming your bulldog after another animal
Names for female bulldogs:
Lily - very dainty


Duchess - can be Dutchie for short and it takes on a whole new meaning. You can have her full name include your area.  Example: The Dutchess of Hoboken.



Thus barked Zeus
Bailey - definitely a popular dog name, but a little too WASPY and we'll pass. With all due respect to the submitter, Bailey is not the name of a bulldog. Bailey is the name for a golden retriever in the back compartment of a Range Rover. An English Bulldog would never be found in the back compartment of a Range Rover. A real bulldog would be simultaneously wheezing and passing gas while entrenched underneath the glove compartment. Let's just be honest here.
Mr. (Insert Name) - calling your bulldog Mr. Whatever is funny. Mr. SmithMr. FletcherMr. Gonzalez. Just pick a last name different from yours. It makes it seem like your bulldog is such a badass that you are scared to address him casually. In fact, you might be too scared to ever have asked him his first name. Someone submitted Mr. Buffington, which works as a bulldog name.

Rhino - bulldogs and rhinos both snort, are kind of stinky, and once they start moving forward, are impossible to stop.

Goliath - a nice Old Testament theme here, with SamsonAbraham, and Moses also submitted. Maybe someone will name their bulldog puppy Nebuchadnezzar.

Zeus - very powerful bulldog name. Along this same Greek/Roman god theme, we also received PlutoAresHercules and Hermes.
Other great male puppy names submitted include Fenway (great if you live in Boston), ButterbeanBittermanOttoHuey (after the helicopter), MandelaMr. BigBam BamWhiskey and Killer (can we assume named after the dog in the movie Half Baked?).

We've also received Mojo, Haze, Doug, Cash, Boney, Beastey, Bert, Belly, Blitz, Mayhem, Kraken, Lecter, Pete, Jules (nice Pulp Fiction reference), Alex, Albery, Bacon, Brody, Boomer, Boozer, Buster, Broly, Chief, Cornbread, Coney, Chunk, Crunch, Doc, Rasputin, Rembrandt, Leonardo, Tarzan, Ace, Minion, Hollywood, Yoda and Deuce (not sure why except that they like dropping them).

Some names that made us laugh were Cowboy (I bet a small kid named him), Badger, and Rooster.  Something about naming a dog after another species of animal is really funny.

People also sent in Magdalena, Delilah, Wigglebutt, Blossom, Guinevere, Lacy, Jade, Sophie, Sylvia, Baby, Cheeky, Tinkerbell, Marchella, Baboo, Daisy, Diva, Ivy, Ellie, Olive, Pumpkin, Rosa, Clover, Kandy, and Molly.
Names for pairs of bulldogs:
For male and female bulldog pairs, we received Shrek and FionaBonnie and ClydePebbles and Bam Bam, and Mork and Mindy.
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