If you are thinking about getting a bulldog, you need to understand what you're getting into.  It's no joke - bulldogs are wonderful dogs but they do have special needs.  They are susceptible to certain health issues, overheat easily, and need to be cleaned more than other breeds (eyes and butt, for example). 

Here are some resources to help prospective and current bulldog owners.  Good luck and always remember your bulldog needs you!


Make sure you are educated about those special needs that bulldogs have and how you can best care for him or her.

Bulldog Medical Insurance

Owning a bulldog is a commitment for life!  Make sure you are covered for those inevitable medical expenses.  Purina offers health insurance for bulldogs that can cover accidents, illness, and/or preventative care.

Bulldog Medicine Deals

Once your vet has prescribed flea, tick, worm, etc medicine for your bulldog, you can usually get the medication a lot cheaper online.  Save your money because when you own a bulldog you will no doubt need more of it in the future!

Save 80% on Pet Medications at PetCareChoice.

Free shipping on discount pet medication at US Pets.

Resources For Bulldog Owners
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