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Bulldogs are solid, consistent, and definitely down to earth.  Not pretty, but good people.  No B.S. kind of folk. 

And so, for many owners, they should have a "good buddy" type of name.  The type of name for a pet that would loan you some tools if they were your next door neighbor, or tell you exactly how you really look in that dress.  The kind of companion that has your back.  More substance than exterior beauty.

For Male Bulldogs

Gus - dignified yet down to earth.

Louie - I think a dog should legally be allowed to smoke cigars if he is named "Louie".  I don't care what the ASPCA says!

Sam - "Sam the butcher, bringing Alice the meat"

Fred - Fred never watches Bravo or any of those chick channels.  Fred watches football and drinks beer out of a bowl.

Norm - remember the T.V. show "Cheers"?

Bob - how great would it be to have a bulldog just named "Bob"?

Ed - Ed.  Enough said. Ed will never let you down.

Ralph - an appropriate name because English Bulldogs often make this sound.

Stanley - that guy from "The Office" looks like a bulldog, right?

Harvey - sent in, great name.  Why do I visualize an old school bookie with thick black glasses?

Frank and Larry were some plain folk names submitted.  Larry has to make you laugh...thanks for that one!

For Female Bulldogs

Sally - keepin it real with a name like Sally.

Betty  - a Betty thinks she's pretty, but she's probably not.  But who cares?  We'll never tell her.


Trixie - with a side reference to Ralph Kramden's wife on "The Honeymooners".

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