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Heavy industrial equipment names reflect the dogged power of the bulldog breed.  As such, these names are more appropriate for male bulldogs.  These bulldog names must have struck a chord with our audience because we have received some great submissions from everyone.

For Male Bulldogs

Hammer - you can also add the prefix "The", as in "The Hammer"

Sledge(hammer) - "Sledge" for short.

Anvil - solid and immovable, just like your bulldog!

Tank - one person submitted "Tanks Alot" as the full name.  That's some corny stuff there.

Howitzer - beware the sound and fury of Howitzer.  Can be "Howie" for short.

Skillet - a great under the radar bulldog name.

Dozer - short for Bulldozer (user submitted). 

Lugnut - awesome submission.

Mack - user submitted this one too, obviously short for Mack Trucks.

Diesel - popular user submission, as is Axle.

Other bulldog puppy names sent in include Brick, Ruger, Tanker, Chopper, Sludge, Tonka, Sludge, Sub-Zero and TorqueTorque is great because bulldogs sure have it.

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Heavy Equipment Bulldog Names 1
Don't hurt 'em, Hammer!
Heavy Equipment Bulldog Names 2
Remember Hank the Tank from "Old School"?
Heavy Equipment Bulldog Names 3
Anvil, Howitzer, or Skillet?
The Mack Truck logo is a bulldog
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