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Many people love using celebrity names for their bulldog.  Much like celebrities, bulldogs are often admired, approached and photographed while out in public.  Something about them just draws attention.

For Male Bulldogs

McLovin - consider naming your bulldog McLovin before anyone else thinks of it.  One reader submitted McNaughty, which mixes it up a bit.


Buckwheat - a bulldog name that needs no selling.

Spanky - another Little Rascals bulldog name.  Other names include Alfalfa and Stymie.

Bo and Luke - suitable for a pair of male bulldogs.

Kobe - for fans of Kobe Bryant.

Shaq - why is naming a bulldog Shaq so funny?

Roosevelt - OK, so the Roosevelts are not celebrities - Franklin and Theodore were US Presidents.  But Roosevelt is still a wonderful bulldog name.

Ozzy - Ozzy drools.  Bulldogs drool.  OK, makes sense!

Some user submitted celebrity bulldog names include Stewey and Axel.

For Female Bulldogs

Angelina - from Angelina Jolie.

Bianca - from Bianca Jagger, the old supermodel.  Howard Stern's bulldog is named Bianca.

Beyonce - a top ten English bulldog name.


LeiaPrincess Leia from Star Wars.

Bo - Bo Derek (and Bo Peep).

Hillary - maybe you love Hillary Clinton or maybe you hate her; either way Hillary works as a bulldog name.

Palin - see above

Farah - tribute to Farah Faucett.


Snooki - submitted by a user, with the comment "because she is heavy set, low to the ground, and likes to pick fights with boys".

Shanaynay - can also be spelled Shanene.  From the "In Living Color" character.

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Celebrity Bulldog Names 1
Bianca, Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky Stern's bulldog
Celebrity Bulldog Names 2
Buckwheat is an "A O-tay" name for a bulldog
Celebrity Bulldog Names 3
Stay, Leia - stay.
Celebrity Bulldog Names 4
Name your bulldog Hillary...
Celebrity Bulldog Names 5
...or name her Palin!
Both are "heavy set and low to the ground"
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