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Bulldogs should never drink alcohol, because it's bad for them.  Except maybe a beer in a bowl on special occasions, like their birthday.

Even though bulldogs should not drink alcohol, they can be named after it.  Especially suited for a college age owner.

Guinness - you can also use the middle name "Stout".

Jager(meister) - "Jager" for short.



CharDonay & Chablis - another good name for a pair of bulldogs.  Thinking about it, they should both be females and wear weaves.

Chivas - with the middle name "Regal".

Kegger - bulldogs look like a keg, and everyone loves a keg party- just like everyone loves a bulldog!

Stogie - bulldogs and stogies both stink sometimes but you enjoy them both nonetheless.  User submission.

OK, there is another set of bulldog names that aren't direclty alcohol related, but we get a lot of submissions for names like Kush, Nugz, etc.  If you don't know what these names mean, don't ask.

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Alcohol Bulldog Names 1
Name your bulldog Guinness
Alcohol Bulldog Names 2
Jager, Chivas, or Kegger?
Alcohol Bulldog Names 3
Stoli is lookin good
Alcohol Bulldog Names 4
Both contain a bit of drool
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